About the WSES

The WSES was founded in 2007 to promote education in emergency surgery, underpinned by an annual emergency surgery congress. The primary aim is to bring together experts from around the world to share innovations and new technologies in emergency and trauma surgery. 

Society Aims

  1. To promote training and continuing medical education in emergency surgery, trauma surgery, and in areas relating to the above, by organizing academic meetings and practical courses on a regular basis
  2. To propagate clinical and basic research in these core subjects
  3. To apply protocols using best medical practice to diagnosis and treat emergency surgical and trauma patients
  4. To facilitate exchange of information and to encourage interdisciplinary networking with those specialties that relate to trauma and emergency surgery
  5. To facilitate practical courses and programs to assist practitioners
  6. To promote meetings (World Congress) on a regular basis. (Meetings may be held biannually. The objective of these meetings are to enhance the care of the patients requiring emergency surgery via scientific presentations, panel discussions, clinical guidelines, consensus statements, etc
  7. Serve as a infrastructure to develop multicenter trials where optimal care remains uncertain

About the WSES Congress

The WSES Congress objective is to standardise state of the art advances and technologies for emergency surgery, to develop guidelines for important topics, and promote original research. 

Over the years, high impact guidelines around hot topics in emergency surgery have been conceived and published; and they now represent an important tool to define good clinical practice in emergency surgery. These achievements are the result of a friendly and inclusive collaboration among high expertise academic and hospital trauma-and-acute-care surgeons of all nationalities, with no restrictions or boundaries.